Interesting Articles about Wills and Estate Planning

See this article in the New York Times about the importance of having a will, power of attorney and healthcare directive. Also, for single individuals without children, read this article in the Times about the importance of hiring an Elder Law Attorney to help make arrangements now while you are still independent and healthy. #Wills #PowerofAttorney #AdvanceDirective #LongTermCare

Social Security Administration Updates SSI Resource List to Include SNTs and ABLE Accounts

The Social Security Administration’s Understanding Supplemental Security Income (SSI) website is a recently updated reference for beneficiaries, potential beneficiaries, advocates and interested members of the public. It provides information about SSI eligibility and processes and attempts to simplify complicated regulatory language. In its 2018 update of the section covering SSI Resources, SSA expanded its list and explanation of resources that do and do not count when determining eligibility for SSI. The new, more comprehensive list now includes specific reference to ABLE accounts and special needs trusts (SNT) as resources that do not count for purposes of SSI. The list also includes han

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