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House Passes Health Package with SNT Fairness Act

On Wednesday, November 30, the House passed H.R. 34 – 21st Century Cures Act, a major health care package that included the Special Needs Trust (SNT) Fairness Act (Sec. 5007). The health package covers a wide array of issues, including new disease research funding, mental health reform, and combating opioid abuse.

The SNT Fairness Act would allow individuals with disabilities, who have capacity, to set up their own d-4-a special needs trust. Passage of the SNT Fairness Act has been NAELA's top public policy priority for this congressional session.

In September, the House passed an amended version of the SNT Fairness Act that contained several additional non-controversial provisions related to Medicaid. A year prior, the Senate unanimously passed the original version of the SNT Fairness Act.

Now, the Senate must take up the health package for the provisions to become law.

Interested in learning more about the SNT Fairness Act? Visit the NAELA Advocacy website here.

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