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Why Choose Me?

Because I Care

You don't want to be just another case.  Your legal needs are a priority for you, and they should be for your lawyer as well.  I only take cases I have the time and skills required to get done, and get done right.  This means I will be responsive to your needs and your schedule. You'll sleep better at night knowing that we are both on the same page. You won't have to worry about whether your lawyer has forgotten about you or if they are paying attention to bigger or "more important" clients.   


Focus and Experience  


Some lawyers try to be everything to all people.  They want your business and will take on things outside their area of expertise.  Not me.  Want a divorce or help with a real estate transaction? I'll refer you to the best attorneys in the area. If you want a lawyer with expertise in Guardianship, Conservatorship, Medicaid or Special Needs Planning... I am your attorney. I know the rules and can help guide you through the complexities of your problems.  My practice is focused on Guardianship & Conservatorship, Medicaid, and Estate and Special Needs Planning.  That's what I do and I do it well.  


Location and Convenience


Don't drive downtown or across the river when you don't have to.  My office is conveniently located on the East side of the river in the Hawthorne District. We are right around the corner from the Bagdad Theater. The office is easy to get to for clients in Northeast and Southeast Portland. 

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