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  • Eric Kearney

New Elder Law Numbers in Oregon

The new year brings some important changes to the Oregon Medicaid eligibility figures. Effective January 1, 2019:

  • The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit standard is now $771/month for an individual and $1,157/month for a couple;

  • The personal needs allowance remains $63.10/month for nursing home residents ($90/month for an individual receiving a VA pension) and $172/month for residents in other community based care settings;

  • The OSIP maintenance standard for a person receiving in-home care services remains $1,271;

  • The room & board rate for waivered community based care facilities increased to $599/month;

  • The Long Term Care Income Cap increased to $2,313/month

  • The Minimum Community Spouse Resource Standard is now $25,284

  • The Maximum Community Spouse Resource Standard is $126,420

  • The Maximum Community Spouse Monthly Income Allowance is $3,090/month

  • The Transfer penalty divisor remains at $8,784.

While applying for Medicaid Long Term Care in Oregon (OSIPM) can be done without an attorney, it really is important to plan ahead when Medicaid is a possibility. This is especially the case for married couples who want to maximize the resources for the spouse who does not need care. Contact your elder law attorney today to set up an appointment.

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